Trailer Alignment & Suspension Repair


Trailer Alignment and Suspension Repair in Colorado Springs, CO 80907.

For many boat owners across Colorado Springs, the 4th of July and proceeding weekend will be one of the first times this Season to get your boat out. Whether you were using your time off to go fishing nearby or taking advantage of the extended weekend to head toward warmer weather with your boat, did you notice anything off with how your trailer handled on the road?

If your trailer has been in storage since last Season, it’s not uncommon for the alignment to become out of whack. Especially if its been holding the weight of a boat on it all this time. The constant pressure on the tires, springs and shocks can cause your trailer to slip out of alignment. If you noticed your trailer swaying more than usual when it tow, this is a sure sign the alignment needs to be looked into. If you noticed the ride being more bumpy and uncomfortable this Season, it’s probably time to get the springs and suspensions checked out.

This time of year at Rocky Mountain Spring and Suspension we have a steady stream of boat, jet ski, and ATV trailers coming through the shop for inspection, trailer suspension repair and alignments. Give us a call today!