3 Types of Leaf Springs Used in Trucks & Trailers


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Here is a quick breakdown of the leaf springs that may be on your vehicle:

???? Multileaf Springs: These springs feature four to 12 leaves that get shorter as you near the base of the spring. The leaves share the same thickness but are of varying lengths, which creates a tapered effect.

???? Full Taper Springs: This leaf spring utilizes two to four leaves that are of differing thicknesses but share the same length. Shot peening isn’t employed in the creation of full taper springs. Rather, these springs are stress peened.

???? High-Stress Full Taper Springs: With these springs, a pair of leaves with the same length but varying thicknesses are used. These springs are crafted with 6150H high-stress steel, and this allows them to be tempered to a high Brinell or Rockwell hardness without sacrificing load integrity.

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