Signs That Your Truck Needs Brake Maintenance


At Rocky Mountain Spring & Suspension in Colorado Springs, we provide brake service, repairs, maintenance, replacement, and even parts on semi-trucks, heavy duty trucks and trailers. We use Dayton brake parts for DIY brake repair and carry a full line of shoes, drums, rotors, slacks and more.

Brake repair involves services including brake pad replacement, resurfacing rotors, and if damage is severe, full replacement of brake system components.  In general, brake pads need replacing every 50,000 miles. The rate of wear can vary, however, based on several factors including how often you drive, the weight of your cargo, and road conditions. Exposure to dirt, grime, and road salt can also cause corrosion on rotors and other truck brake components.

Signs of brake pad and rotor wear can vary but typically include:

Things You Might Hear

High pitched squealing: This noise is an indicator that your brake pads needs to be replaced.

Grinding when braking: If you hear or feel a grinding sound while breaking, your brake pads are likely worn to the point where the metal calipers are grinding against your rotors. Not seeking service immediately will result in damage to your rotors and costlier repairs

Things You Might Feel

Pulling: Feeling your truck pull to the left or right can indicate issues with the calipers, air brake hose, or other components. It can also indicate issues with your truck alignment or tires. Either way, you should have your truck serviced as soon as possible.

Vibrations: If you experience vibrations when braking normally, it could be caused by warping or another issue with your rotors. Warping can occur over a period of time and as a result of heat and friction or from carrying heavy loads.

Changes in brake pedal: If you have to press down harder than normal to engage the brakes or brake pedal feels loose, you could have a leak or other issue with the brake line.

If you’re experiencing brake issues, don’t put them off. Many brake related problems, if caught early will save you a lot of money. If left unattended too long than something that started out as simple as needing new brake pads and lead to complete brake failure creating a very dangerous situation for both the occupants of the vehicle and others on the road. Give Rocky Mountain Spring & Suspension a call and we’ll get you back on the road safely and quickly.