Why You Should Upgrade Your Truck With Heavy-Duty Leaf Springs


Upgrading to heavy-duty leaf springs at Rocky Mountain Spring & Suspension in Colorado Springs will have a noticeable impact on your trucks ride. For trucks that often carry a lot of weight, standard leaf springs tend to wear out much faster than expected. If this is an issue you’ve experienced, it’s worth looking at upgrading to heavy-duty leaf springs instead of replacing your springs with what you had.

Heavy-duty leaf springs will eliminate the sagging, wheel hopping, swaying and squatting that trucks often handle when carrying heavy loads with the improper spring stiffness.

The biggest difference you’ll see and feel with heavy-duty leaf springs is between driving with a full load versus driving without a load. Heavy-duty leaf springs will allow you to carry more weight with much less wear.

If you find that you regularly carry more heavy loads than driving with an empty load, give Rocky Mountain Spring & Suspension a call to talk more about about the difference heavy-duty leaf springs will make with your trucks ride!